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Welcome to Precisely, the Smart Contract Management platform where companies can save significant time and resources by creating, controlling, signing and monitoring contracts at one touch-point.


Smart Contract Creation

Through our intuitive and innovative Smart UI you can create new (or convert old) Smart Contracts. Once you have a Smart Contract, it’s as easy as filling out a series of questions to create new contracts.


Manage your workflow

Manage attests and responsibilities/access across departments and on individual level.


E-signing as it should be

Seamless handling for signatures, from adding of parties to signing the contracts.


Think archive, but smart

Smart Search and filtering to quickly find what you are looking for. Never second guess again.


Be up to date, all the time

Help me keeping track of contract expiry, deadlines and other types of reminders.


Where Smart Contracts live.

Contract management for the 21st century.

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